May 2011

Easyweed vs Chromablast

Cd’A Sign recently began doing t-shirts. After a ton of research, we have decided on 2 completely different products that both use heat transfer to bring the job to completion. When someone mentions “heat transfer”, you immediately think of the old school iron-on designs that your mom tried to put on your shirts as a kid. However, this is not your mom’s kind of heat transfer. There are no irons involved. Rather, we use a large heat press that burns our designs into the shirts at 300-375 degrees with lots of pressure. We are very impressed with the quality product that this produces.

The reason we went with these 2 heat transfer processes over the typical screen printing or silk screening is that it allows us to do low quantities of shirts fairly quickly. With silk screening or screen printing, there is a lot of setup involved, and most shops don’t appreciate having to pump out a single shirt, or even a dozen shirts, with that process. Most shirt shops charge an arm and a leg if they have to do low quantities.

Siser Easyweed

Siser Easyweed T-Shirt

The first method of heat transfer we use is with a specialty vinyl called Siser Easyweed. With Easyweed, we cut out the design on our plotter the same way we would a vinyl sign. We then press the die-cut Easyweed into our shirt with our heat press at 305 degrees for around 15 seconds. The die-cut design is then bonded with the shirt.

The finished product feels very smooth, very light. It has a very vibrant look to it, that when applied correctly, does not ever go away. We are hearing reports from some shops that have washed t-shirts with this product 50+ times without hardly any change in appearance at all. It continues to look vibrant and bonded with the shirt after multiple washes.


  • Vibrant/bright color.
  • Has a very nice feel to it.
  • Can be used on any color t-shirt.
  • Can do up to a 15″ x 15″ design.
  • Has a very light, smooth texture.

Limitations(in comparison with Chromablast ink below):

  • Bad for complicated designs and gradients.

Chromablast Heat Transfer Ink

Chromablast Ink T-Shirt

The second method of heat transfer t-shirts we use is with ink. We have a specialty printer, and use specialty inks, that print on specialty heat transfer paper, that go on 100% cotton shirts. Once the design is printed out, it is placed on the t-shirt, and clamped together at about 375 degrees for 35 seconds.  The ink is activated with heat and actually changes the color of the t-shirt. The finished product has no feel to it at all, unlike the Siser Easyweed.


  • Almost any design that can be printed, can be transfered to a t-shirt. Including photographs.
  • Quick and easy.
  • Great for complicated designs.
  • Has no feel, the color is transferred to the shirt.

Limitations(in comparison with Siser Easyweed above):

  • Can only be used on light color t-shirts.
  • Limited to 8.5″ x 11″ designs.
  • If there is any defect in the print job, it will show up on the shirt, potentially ruining a whole shirt we have been working on. With Siser Easyweed, it’s easy to spot any defects before applying to the t-shirt, and defects are way more rare.

In conclusion, both of these products are a high quality way of doing t-shirts. Both have their advantages and between the two we are able to take on most t-shirt jobs that come our way.

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Blue Water Technologies in Hayden

Post image for Blue Water Technologies in Hayden

by andy on May 28, 2011

Today we had the great privilege of creating and installing vinyl signs for Blue Water Technologies, Inc in Hayden Idaho. They recently had their logo redone and needed new vinyl signage on their front window as well as their company vehicle. It turned out great! Each of these signs were digitally printed. The front window sign was die-cut, with no background or white contour. The vehicle signs were the same except they did have a white background and about a 1/4″ white contour. It has been a pleasure working with Blue Water, and we hope to work with them again soon.


CDA Daily Deals Vinyl Truck Decals

Post image for CDA Daily Deals Vinyl Truck Decals

by andy on May 7, 2011

We recently had the opportunity to create and install printed decals for CDA Daily Deals on their company truck. We did a wet install on these stickers, and it went really smooth.

One cool thing to point out on this particular job is the QR Codes. QR Codes can be scanned using a smart phone. When this happens the QR Code will take the user to the company’s website, a Youtube video, phone call, or email, depending on what the company generated it for. QR Codes can save potential customers time from having to type in a URL on their phone. They also do a great job of grabbing people’s attention since they are new, and you never know where one might take you.

If you are looking for someone to custom print, or die-cut stickers for your company vehicle, give us a call!


Hayden Thomas Hammer Coffee Install

Post image for Hayden Thomas Hammer Coffee Install

by andy on May 3, 2011

Recently we had the opportunity to do the bellyband vinyl for the Thomas Hammer Coffee store in Hayden Idaho. It turned out great! We chose the nastiest, coldest day of the week to do the installation. However, the baristas were kind, and kept us supplied with warm coffee. If you have not yet tried a Thomas Hammer Coffee drink, we highly recommend it. Their drip coffee and latte’s are probably the best that the Hayden/Coeur d’Alene area has to offer. If you are feeling adventurous, their El Diablo and Jack Hammer specialty drinks are simply amazing. For more information, see

Thank you Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters for the work! We appreciate your business…and your coffee!

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