A 60" x 28" full color grommeted banner for Unique Motif

Need a banner for your next big event? Not a problem! We can make banners any size for any occasion. Our starter banner is 6ft wide by 2ft tall. However, we can create banners as big as your house.

CDA Sign makes the nicest banners in town.
Give us a call at 208-755-0538.

There are 2 kinds of vinyl banners that we create. The first is with cut vinyl. We can apply high performance cut vinyl to a pre-grommeted banner with this method. In some cases, this type of banner lasts longer since cut vinyl holds up better to the weather, rather than print.

A full color, printed, grommeted 60"x28" banner for a diesel sled pull truck

The second type of banner that we can create is a fully printed banner. This by far offers the greatest graphic detail. We can print photos and any kind of graphics on our digital banner material. The results are amazing.

Not all banners are created equal. Most sign shops in Coeur d’Alene will only make the cut vinyl style banner. This is fine. However, if you want a banner that really gets people’s attention, contact CDA Sign. We can create any kind of banner and we specialize in making companies look amazing.