Mountain Comfort Signage

by andy on November 21, 2011

Our recent job for Mountain Comfort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho really displayed the coolness of our work. The Mountain Comfort brand was a beautiful brand to print, for starters. Secondly, we printed a wooden background on their interior signs.

Mountain Comfort recently needed new interior and exterior signs as well as a few magnetic signs for their truck. As you can see by the pictures, everything turned out great!

For the 6’x2′ s

igns, we used our Max-Metal product which is our longest lasting substrate. Our Max-Metal sign board has a plastic center with aluminum panels on each side.

If you are looking for incredible interior, exterior or vehicle signage, fill our our form or give us a call at 208-755-0538!


The Northwest Backcountry team

Recently we had the privilege of doing the t-shirts and vinyl banner for Northwest Backcountry Rescue. These volunteers are dedicated to their training to make sure that if you need rescued, they’ll be prepared to deal with any circumstance or danger that you may be facing.

Matt, from Northwest Backcountry Rescue gave us a call. They needed high quality cotton t-shirts with our high performance t-shirt vinyl product. We also provided them with moisture management, or wicking t-shirts. The wicking t-shirts help sweat and moisture move away from the body, keeping the wearer nice and dry.

Along with the t-shirt order, we made them a vinyl banner for when they do local events and demonstrations.

We are very honored to be able to serve these guys. Northwest Backcountry Rescue, thank you for your service, and thank you for business!