uTest Drug Testing Decals

by andy on February 21, 2013

Two days ago we implemented our online chat software which allows the visitors on our site to interact with our sales staff regarding our vinyl decals and products. Well, our first customer to interact with us using our online chat happened to be uTest Drug Testing up in Hayden, Idaho. It was kind of a peculiar request, but we quickly sent them a proof and in less than 24 hours we had their 500 decals printed, masked, cut and delivered.

This particular order was a white on clear decal. We don’t get many requests for white on clear, however, we are one of the few printers in Coeur d’Alene that can do this.

The design requested was the crude, Calvin character, urinating on the uTest logo. Given that uTest Drug Testing does urine testing, it ended up being more funny than crude this time. Anyways, the decals turned out great and the customers are happy.






CDA Food Delivery 2012 Ford Focus

by andy on July 21, 2012


Today we had the great honor of installing decals on the second CDA Food Delivery vehicle. This vehicle is a 2012 Ford Focus in a beautiful blue. This is a great example of attention grabbing vehicle signage without the cost of a full vehicle wrap.

We really enjoy working with CDA Food Delivery. Matt and Tyler are great guys.








Mountain Comfort Signage

by andy on November 21, 2011

Our recent job for Mountain Comfort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho really displayed the coolness of our work. The Mountain Comfort brand was a beautiful brand to print, for starters. Secondly, we printed a wooden background on their interior signs.

Mountain Comfort recently needed new interior and exterior signs as well as a few magnetic signs for their truck. As you can see by the pictures, everything turned out great!

For the 6’x2′ s

igns, we used our Max-Metal product which is our longest lasting substrate. Our Max-Metal sign board has a plastic center with aluminum panels on each side.

If you are looking for incredible interior, exterior or vehicle signage, fill our our form or give us a call at 208-755-0538!

{ 2 comments } Signage

by andy on October 19, 2011

There’s a new company in Coeur d’Alene! CPR4Work offers CPR and First Aid training for groups as well as business’s. Mike, the owner of came to us last week needing a large sign for his new place of business. Mike provided a 4’x10′ sheet of dibond that CDA Sign applied fully printed vinyl to. It turned out great! We were able to provide CPR4Work with a few other sign and T-shirt needs as well. They were great to work with.

If you are looking for CPR training in the Coeur d’Alene area, give them a call at (208) 620-1949.

If you have any large sign needs, please give us a call at 208-755-0538 or fill out our contact form!


Fire When Ready!

Post image for Fire When Ready!

by andy on September 19, 2011

You can see our latest work if you head over to Thomas Hammer in Hayden Idaho! To give people a clear indication of where they were supposed to order, we created a sign that read, “Fire when ready!” and placed it between the speakers on their new order board.

Drive over to the Thomas Hammer in Hayden today for their new Frizz carbonated iced coffee drink! I’m drinking it as I write. It’s amazing.




CDA Food Delivery Vehicle Signage

Post image for CDA Food Delivery Vehicle Signage

by andy on September 19, 2011

“Save gas, save time, let us stand in line!”. That is the slogan for our Coeur d’Alene food delivery specialists, CDA Food Delivery. CDA Food Delivery came to us last week looking for signs for their vehicles. We were excited to take on the job since CDA Sign loves vehicle graphics.

During a visit with Matt, the owner of CDA Food Delivery, we took pictures of his very nice, but very stock Ford Fusion. The goal was to make this car as noticeable as possible. We laid out what we believed to be a very killer design on his car in Photoshop. We scheduled the installation for the next Saturday.

For this particular job, we decided to use high performance cut vinyl. High performance cut vinyl is very low profile. A printed vinyl design would have also looked amazing, however, printed vinyl doubles the thickness since we have to laminate it for outdoor use.

We began with the large, “DELIVERY” gray pieces and later inset the logos on each side. Cut, high performance vinyl is not forgiving if you mess up, so this was very slow, very tedious work. After the sides were complete, we installed the hood logo, coming out of the driver side headlight, and designed the “CDA FOOD DELIVERY” piece going vertical along the left hood line. Lastly, we laid out the requested phrases and contact information along the bumper, and added a small logo on the trunk.

This job turned out great. We are thankful for the relationship that we have built with CDA Food Delivery, and hope that it is a long term one. If you need food delivered to your door, be sure to give them a call!

If you need vehicle signage, decals or graphic design, please fill out this form, or give us a call at 208-755-0538!


Coeur d'com vehicle graphics by CDA Sign!

Derek at Coeur d’com got in touch with us recently about creating and installing large vehicle graphics for the company’s Nissan Cube. Initially we were looking at doing a full car wrap, but later decided on the clean and crisp look of large vehicle signage in high performance vinyl. After showing Coeur d’com a few mockups of what we could do, we decided to start with large logo pieces stretching across the sides of the vehicle at an angle, with more pieces to follow.

After freshly washing the Nissan Cube, owner Jeff Adams dropped it off at CDA Sign for the day. We had already Photoshop’d how the signage would look on the vehicle, but since things are always a little different in real life, we re-measured and put our vinyl cutter to work.

We began with the red heart of the logo for the passenger side, making sure that it fit just the way we measured. After cutting the black, “Coeur d’com” text, we lined it and the heart up against the Nissan Cube to make sure our measurements were correct and that everything would look great. After we were satisfied with how it would look and were everything would go, we placed markers on the Cube with masking tape, and then began installing the heart. After the heart was installed using a wet application method, we installed the black text of the logo directly on top. We then repeated this process on the drivers side of the vehicle.

To top it off, we placed the Coeur d’com phone number and website url on the back right of the vehicle. It turned out great! The owners were very happy with it. One thing about using straight, high performance vinyl is that it is very vibrant, and really looked amazing on that pearl white Nissan Cube.

Thank you Coeur d’com for your business!

If you need vehicle graphics on your car, truck or suv, give us a call at 208-755-0538 or fill out our online form!


The Northwest Backcountry team

Recently we had the privilege of doing the t-shirts and vinyl banner for Northwest Backcountry Rescue. These volunteers are dedicated to their training to make sure that if you need rescued, they’ll be prepared to deal with any circumstance or danger that you may be facing.

Matt, from Northwest Backcountry Rescue gave us a call. They needed high quality cotton t-shirts with our high performance t-shirt vinyl product. We also provided them with moisture management, or wicking t-shirts. The wicking t-shirts help sweat and moisture move away from the body, keeping the wearer nice and dry.

Along with the t-shirt order, we made them a vinyl banner for when they do local events and demonstrations.

We are very honored to be able to serve these guys. Northwest Backcountry Rescue, thank you for your service, and thank you for business!


Kayleen Huffman Photography Signs

Post image for Kayleen Huffman Photography Signs

by andy on July 22, 2011

Kayleen Huffman Photography on clear vinyl

Kayleen called us last week requesting a clear sign for her new location in The Shops, downtown Coeur d’alene. Within an hour or two, we were able to get the file from her, edit it, and deliver her signs. This particular job used white, black and red thermal printing on clear vinyl for easy installation. Since it would have used just as much material as one sign, we gave her an extra sign and an installation squeegee to give her an advantage in the installation process.

Any chance we get to give our customers more than they bargained for, we take it. Work doesn’t always come easy. Thanks Kayleen for your business!

If you need a vinyl sign, please fill out our online form or give us a call! 208-755-0538


CR Gutting Industries T-Shirts and Signs

Post image for CR Gutting Industries T-Shirts and Signs

by andy on July 22, 2011

CR Gutting Green T-Shirt

Needing professional landscaping or snow removal services? Get in touch with Caleb at CR Gutting Industries. CR Gutting Industries provides professional landscaping and snow removal services in the Spokane, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene and Rathdrum areas. Caleb came to us last month needing company t-shirts as well as vinyl signage for their trucks. Both turned out fantastic.

These particular t-shirts were both long sleeve, and short sleeve in safety green and black. For this project we used our Gildan Ultra Cotton brand, as well as our Siser cut vinyl material. In most cases our Siser digital cut vinyl product is better than your typical screen printing product as the digital cut vinyl often outlasts the garment. And we only use high quality garments.

CR Gutting Truck Signs

As to the signage, we did 2 larger door signs and a rear tailgate sign for one of CR Gutting’s pickup trucks. Caleb had CDA Sign perform the installation of these signs. Another job well done!

Thank you CR Gutting for the opportunity to work for your company. As with all of our customers, we are very thankful for the work that we do get, and look forward to serving you again.

If you need a vinyl sign, please fill out our online form or give us a call! 208-755-0538

To see more of this job, see the pictures below!