uTest Drug Testing Decals

by andy on February 21, 2013

Two days ago we implemented our online chat software which allows the visitors on our site to interact with our sales staff regarding our vinyl decals and products. Well, our first customer to interact with us using our online chat happened to be uTest Drug Testing up in Hayden, Idaho. It was kind of a peculiar request, but we quickly sent them a proof and in less than 24 hours we had their 500 decals printed, masked, cut and delivered.

This particular order was a white on clear decal. We don’t get many requests for white on clear, however, we are one of the few printers in Coeur d’Alene that can do this.

The design requested was the crude, Calvin character, urinating on the uTest logo. Given that uTest Drug Testing does urine testing, it ended up being more funny than crude this time. Anyways, the decals turned out great and the customers are happy.






CDA Food Delivery 2012 Ford Focus

by andy on July 21, 2012


Today we had the great honor of installing decals on the second CDA Food Delivery vehicle. This vehicle is a 2012 Ford Focus in a beautiful blue. This is a great example of attention grabbing vehicle signage without the cost of a full vehicle wrap.

We really enjoy working with CDA Food Delivery. Matt and Tyler are great guys.








Avant Coeur Gymnastics Decals

by andy on November 27, 2011

Avant Coeur Gymnastics asked us to make them some decals, so we did! They turned out beautiful. These were printed on our calendared vinyl, laminated and then contour cut.

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Welding Helmet Graphics

Post image for Welding Helmet Graphics

by andy on August 1, 2011

Custom vinyl graphics on a welding helmet

Today’s job was a little out of the ordinary. It was like a partial vehicle wrap… but for a welding helmet. We had a request to print a specific Black Mamba snake decal for the top of a welding helmet, and to come up with something special for the rest. Using our specialty software, we vectorized the customers image and printed it using our Gerber Edge 2 thermal printer. We then coated the printed decal with UV/Abrasion protection. As we may have mentioned in the past, thermal printing is already the best type of printing for outdoor and heavy duty applications.

After studying the scales on a Black Mamba snake, we were able to make our own snake scale template. Then, we cut the scales on a 46″ wide, but 3″ tall strip of high performance vinyl, using our Summa 54″ Cutter. After we weeded the cut, we overlaid it with masking for an easy installation. Then, using a pen and a razor knife, we laid out the scales where we wanted them on the helmet.

This was a very fun project. It’s nice doing something a little out of the ordinary every now and then. Thanks Don for this project.

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IRP Stickers

Today we made a set of T-shirts for Seattle based company, Import Replacement Parts. The T-shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton in Sapphire. We printed their logo on the front left chest, and placed their URL in the same font centered on the back of the t-shirt.

All the printing on this project is glow in the dark! This assures that the next time Import Replacement Parts plays a game of capture the flag at night, they will get tons of great advertising.

IRP T-Shirts

For the stickers, we used a high performance vinyl, as we do with all of our automotive signage, decals and stickers. This assures durability, and less end user frustration when they need to remove the decal from the car.

We use thermal printing when we print onto vinyl. Thermal printing is the absolute best type of printing for outdoor use. Most sign shops rely on solvent or ink based printing. While that certainly has it’s uses, thermal printing will last for several years without any kind of lamination. What makes CDA Sign even more incredible, is that we coat every piece of outdoor printed vinyl with a UV/Abrasion protector. This adds even more years to the life of the decals and signs that we print.

If you need T-Shirts or Vinyl Stickers for your company, give us a call at 208-755-0538 or fill out our online form!