JEB Commerce New Office

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by andy on September 20, 2011

JEB Commerce, a growing, Coeur d’Alene based internet marketing company, hired CDA Sign to create the signage for their new office. We worked with graphic designer, Russell Heistuman at Whitestone Design Werks to complete this task. Russell had completely overhauled the JEB brand in the last year, so the goal was to show off the new design elements on JEB’s new, larger, window space.

With the Photoshop mockup that Whitestone provided, we were able to put together some amazing window signage using high performance cut vinyl, as well as dusted crystal vinyl. This was our first time getting to use the dusted crystal vinyl and we were very pleased with the results. The end product turned out just as nice as the mockup that Whitestone provided.

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CDA Food Delivery Vehicle Signage

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by andy on September 19, 2011

“Save gas, save time, let us stand in line!”. That is the slogan for our Coeur d’Alene food delivery specialists, CDA Food Delivery. CDA Food Delivery came to us last week looking for signs for their vehicles. We were excited to take on the job since CDA Sign loves vehicle graphics.

During a visit with Matt, the owner of CDA Food Delivery, we took pictures of his very nice, but very stock Ford Fusion. The goal was to make this car as noticeable as possible. We laid out what we believed to be a very killer design on his car in Photoshop. We scheduled the installation for the next Saturday.

For this particular job, we decided to use high performance cut vinyl. High performance cut vinyl is very low profile. A printed vinyl design would have also looked amazing, however, printed vinyl doubles the thickness since we have to laminate it for outdoor use.

We began with the large, “DELIVERY” gray pieces and later inset the logos on each side. Cut, high performance vinyl is not forgiving if you mess up, so this was very slow, very tedious work. After the sides were complete, we installed the hood logo, coming out of the driver side headlight, and designed the “CDA FOOD DELIVERY” piece going vertical along the left hood line. Lastly, we laid out the requested phrases and contact information along the bumper, and added a small logo on the trunk.

This job turned out great. We are thankful for the relationship that we have built with CDA Food Delivery, and hope that it is a long term one. If you need food delivered to your door, be sure to give them a call!

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Rush Delivery Car Vinyl Graphics

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by andy on August 24, 2011

Failed signs from the last sign company. CDA Sign got the job to create new, better quality signs.

One day on our way to get lunch at Paul Bunyan’s in Hayden, Idaho, we passed one of the Rush Delivery cars. We happened to notice that their vinyl signs were falling off. After contacting them, and suggesting that we could replace their vinyl signs with better vinyl signs, we got the job.

Jon, the owner of Rush Delivery, LLC came by our vinyl sign shop in Coeur d’Alene so that we could survey the job to be done. After looking at the old vinyl graphics, it appeared that maybe a poor quality vinyl had been used. The adhesive stayed on the car, but vinyl was separated. The previous signs had been layered, red vinyl on white vinyl, to get the desired look. Since CDA Sign can print on vinyl as well as cut vinyl, we decided that the future signs would all be printed and cut to get the desired look, rather than have vinyl stacked on top of each other.

Old signs removed, and the car washed!

We scheduled the installation for the following weekend, right after the Coeur d’com installation. Being on the road day after day throughout the whole northwest, the car had a quite a bit of dust when it arrived. We quickly removed the old signage using mild solvents, and then gave the car, a Honda Fit, a good washing.

New signs completed and ready to be picked up!

It looked beautiful and ready for new signage. Throughout the rest of the evening and into the following morning, we carefully measured, printed, and cut vinyl to the optimal size and real estate across the sides of the cars. Then we applied the vinyl using partially dry and partially wet application methods using a horizontal hinge.

Vibrant, printed vinyl

It turned out fantastic. The printed red on white vinyl turned out way more vibrant than the previous stacked vinyls. We also replaced the phone numbers on all three sides with the company’s website address.

Jon was very pleased with the installation and requested that we place both the graphic designer’s logo, and CDA Sign’s logo in the rear window. We did.

We greatly appreciate the work that Rush Delivery gave us, and look forward to taking care of his future cars and sign needs.

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Welding Helmet Graphics

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by andy on August 1, 2011

Custom vinyl graphics on a welding helmet

Today’s job was a little out of the ordinary. It was like a partial vehicle wrap… but for a welding helmet. We had a request to print a specific Black Mamba snake decal for the top of a welding helmet, and to come up with something special for the rest. Using our specialty software, we vectorized the customers image and printed it using our Gerber Edge 2 thermal printer. We then coated the printed decal with UV/Abrasion protection. As we may have mentioned in the past, thermal printing is already the best type of printing for outdoor and heavy duty applications.

After studying the scales on a Black Mamba snake, we were able to make our own snake scale template. Then, we cut the scales on a 46″ wide, but 3″ tall strip of high performance vinyl, using our Summa 54″ Cutter. After we weeded the cut, we overlaid it with masking for an easy installation. Then, using a pen and a razor knife, we laid out the scales where we wanted them on the helmet.

This was a very fun project. It’s nice doing something a little out of the ordinary every now and then. Thanks Don for this project.

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