Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of printing do you use?
In most cases we use thermal printing technology. Other types of printing include solvent and latex printing. Depending on the job, we will bring in a solvent printer to do the job.

How is thermal printing different from ink based printing?
Ink printing uses solvents to print onto the vinyl. Thermal printing burns individual color foils into the vinyl.

What are the benefits of thermal printing?
Thermal printing is some of the best type of printing for outdoor, automotive use. It is long lasting, and since it does not involve inks, it doesn’t wash away or damage as easy as thermal based printing.

What kind of quality can I expect from my die cut vinyl?
On our outdoor commercial and automotive signage we use cast vinyl. It’s thin (2mil), flexible, and high performance. You know you have a good quality vinyl on an outdoor application if it comes off easy, not leaving a sticky mess on your car. High performance vinyl has around an 8 year life.

For situations where the vinyl is not going to be in harsh conditions, we may use a high quality intermediate vinyl to save you money. But only in situations where durability is not an issue.

For indoor wall vinyls, we use a calendered vinyl. It’s not stretchy or flexible like the outdoor cast vinyls, and it’s made to be removed from the walls.

Do I need to install my sign myself?
Not if you don’t want to. We are happy to do installs. However, if you want to do it yourself, we will supply you with instructions and a squeegee to help with the job.

My truck already has signage, but I want to upgrade it. Will you remove the old one and install the new sign?
Absolutely. We do this all the time. Depending on the quality of vinyl that was used before, we may need to re-wax your truck in the areas where we removed the old signs before we try to install the new signs. The harsher chemicals used to remove cheap quality vinyl residue can take off the protective coating on your paint. In this case, the vehicle needs a good waxing before we do the install.